Percutaneous Sapphire Technique

Hair transplant with the percutaneous Saphir technique at Esteglobes.

Hair transplant with the percutaneous Saphir technique at Esteglobes.

Through Hair Transplant you can find a solution for your hair loss problem and through Saphir technique you can look very natural. Hair, mustache, beard and eyebrow transplant applications have had successful results in our Esteglobes hospital groups. One of the most modern methods for hair transplantation is the percutaneous sapphire technique. Esteglobes applies the technique of percutaneous sapphire hair transplant with special precious sapphire needle devices. Tissue damage is at its lowest level in this technique, Percutaneous Sapphire technique gives your hair the right angles, results are natural and successful and maximum density can be achieved.

Recovery is quick and you can get back to your daily life quickly.

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Here are the steps of this technique;

1 - Extraction of Hair Grafts

The grafts are collected from the back area of ​​the head, we can say the donor area too, under local anesthesia by means of a micromotor slowly. A special motor is used which has the capacity to extract grafts with multiple roots (two, three or four hairs) while maintaining its integrity.

2 - Creation of Channels

There are two different techniques for doing hair transplantation:

SLIT Technique: The most well-known classic slitting technique opens two-dimensional 2-5mm slits through thin blades in the area where the grafts are to be implanted. The total length of the slit for a hair transplant with 4,000 grafts becomes 8-20 meters. This technique causes a significant increase in tissue damage, the recovery process takes a long time, and scars may remain after the operation. Finally, the cracks can damage the roots of intact hair in the area to be implanted at the same time and cause gangrene (necrosis) in the area. In the cleft technique, swelling (edema) may be observed for about 7-10 days after the operation because this technique requires a large amount of fluid to be injected under the skin.

Percutaneous Sapphire Technique in Esteglobes: Special clinics around the world, especially in America use a special technique called "Percutaneous Sapphire Technique". The grafts are not implanted in two-dimensional slits as in the case of the conventional slit technique they are implanted in three-dimensional channels. This technique creates the channels using special tipped devices made from real sapphire, which is a very valuable mineral, and causes less damage to the tissue. Selected clinics around the world use this technique to open graft-sized canals with special sapphire tip devices used. The Percutaneous Sapphire technique provides maximum density and acceleration of the recovery period, without leaving any marks or scars.
Channels of the same size as the grafts can be easily created between the hair already existing in the area to be implanted ... In this technique, the quantity of liquid injected under the skin is limited. So after the procedure, the level of swelling (edema) is lower than the other technique.

3 - Implantation of grafts

There is an important advantage of the Percutaneous Sapphire technique; this technique provides a natural result and the implantation of the grafts are applied at the correct angle. That way, we get the best results.
In the SLIT technique, the angles cannot be correct. This technique can cause graft movement, angle change and even graft loss.

In the Percutaneous Sapphire technique, the grafts implanted in the three-dimensional channels of their size created by adjusting the angles with special devices at the sapphire end and in this way one can have the most natural angle and there is no movement of the grafts. As the scions are required from the root to be placed in the canals, the technique does not damage the roots.

Special clinics around the world, especially in America, use the Sapphire technique. So, for our patients who don't like to take risks and want perfect results, the quality of Esteglobes is important.

The percutaneous Sapphire technique makes us pioneers in our country, Especially the appreciations of our foreign patients are important to us. The percutaneous Sapphire technique allows us to perform a hair transplant with up to 6,000 grafts (approximately 12,500 to 15,000 hairs) in a single session.


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