DHI is the most modern, technological and creative technique for hair transplantation.

DHI is the most modern, technological and creative technique for hair transplantation.

DHI Plus Gold is the most modern technique for hair transplantation. It is the most innovative and new technique in hair implantation. The process of ordinary hair transplant consists of 4 stages: extraction, separation of the hair follicles, formation of channels in which the hair follicles will be planted, and implantation of hair follicles in these areas. In the DHI Plus Gold technique, a real gold-tipped pen is used which opens the channels and sets the hair follicles in place. Hair follicles applied by the DHI Plus Gold technique can be taken from the donor area and placed in the area where they will be planted within two minutes.

Why is the DHI Plus Gold technique more beneficial for hair transplantation?

The DHI Plus Gold technique is applied with the special gold-tipped pen which produced by scientific investigations and aesthetic developments and offers explanatory advantages:

The gold tip ensures the least damage to the texture. Gold is the most conductive material in nature and thanks to the golden tip, the risk of damage to existing hair fibers is reduced.

Each person has a different thickness of the scalp. So it is difficult to determine the depth of the hair follicles planted for each individual. However, using the DHI Plus Gold technique for hair transplantation allows us to plant at the desired depth,

Hair transplantation of hair follicles to open and simultaneous placement of hair roots, the hair transplant process is noticeably shorter,

The DHI Plus Gold technique allows you to find the most precise angles for the hair, increases the frequency of hair significantly and you can obtain the most natural results,

The opening of the canals and the hair transplant procedure can cause less bleeding and tissue damage. With this technique there is the possibility of faster recovery and avoidance of scarring.

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