Beard transplant at Esteglobes

Beard transplant at Esteglobes

Beard transplantation is a hair transplant surgery that helps build hair growth in hairless men or change the shape of the beard where it is needed. Beard transplantation is particularly suitable for men who are not satisfied with the density of their beard. Esteglobes has gained a solid reputation in beard transplantation in Turkey. The clinic takes care of all types of hair transplants and allows men to find a perfectly shaped, full beard that grows back naturally. Expertise and increased experience available to patients for a more effective beard transplant.

Indications for a beard transplant in Turkey

A beard transplant can be considered when the beard has holes in the hair, the beard is too low or when the hair is not sufficiently developed. Aside from the current fad, a full beard makes you look manly and more mature. A beard transplant can also hide imperfections such as scars or simply to harmonize the features of the lower face. Esteglobes takes care of all patients wishing to have a beard transplant in Turkey and offers its clients a complete package including the intervention, the stay and the travel.

Beard transplant and procedure

A beard transplant operation is done under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. It can last between two to three hours. The most suitable technique is the follicular unit extraction technique. One by one, the surgeon removes very fine hair from the nape of the neck. Beard hairs and implanted hairs are the same and behave the same for regrowth speed. The practitioner first draws the shape and contours of the beard desired by the patient. Implantation is done with a needle by raising the beard by filling in the holes or when the latter is positioned too low. The implantation takes into account the space between the hairs and the direction, so as to reconstruct a beautiful natural beard, taking into account the shape of the face. In one session, Esteglobes can provide between 1,500 and 4,000 grafts to restore an entire beard.

Beard transplant methods

The beard transplant is carried out according to the same process as that used for the hair implant, with the aim of densifying or reconstructing a beard or even correcting scarring alopecia of the beard. In Turkey, the technique used is that of taking follicles from the scalp, in the crown region. Once isolated, these follicles are transplanted to the level of the beard to be reconstructed, respecting the pre-established scheme.

The follicles can be collected by two methods;

Taking a scalp strip of varying length from the back of the head depending on the number of implants needed. Once taken, the strip is cut into grafts of 1 or 2 follicles.
Collection of follicles by follicular extraction. It is performed on the shaved scalp on the back of the head. The follicular units are removed one by one using a hollow needle 0.9 mm in diameter and micro-tweezers.
Regardless of the harvesting method that suits the patient, Esteglobes accurately performs an effective beard transplant for a completely natural and satisfying result.

Beard transplant: before surgery

Before any cosmetic procedure, a minimum of 15 days between consultation and intervention is required. Esteglobes takes charge of the living room.
On site, medical photos are taken. A preoperative blood test should be done depending on age and any history. Medical instructions must be followed such as avoiding taking any stimulant the day before and in the morning of the operation, starting an antibiotic treatment the day before the operation and which will be continued 3 days after, showering with antiseptic the day before and in the morning of the intervention.

During the intervention

Beard transplantation is done under local anesthesia. A pencil marking is done beforehand to delimit the beard area to be treated and the hairy area to be removed. A first part of the intervention consists in preparing the follicles either by FUE or DHİ according to the choice of the doctor. A second part consists in implanting the follicles at the level of the beard. The procedure lasts between 2 and 3 hours and even longer, depending on the size of the session and the sampling technique chosen. After the operation, Esteglobes provides postoperative follow-up for each patient.

Operative suites

A slight swelling may be seen in the cheeks 1 to 2 days after the beard transplant. The patient may also feel some itchiness and have some redness. Small crusts form

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